D & D Media Services will preserve your documents or photos for future generations.  We can archive them to CD
or DVD for you. Since we only use discs that are guaranteed by the manufacturer to last 100 years or more, you can
rest assured that your treasures are safe.

Document archiving is excellent for insurance purposes, or to organize copies of your photos for your loved ones.  
We charge by the document, photo, slide or negative, plus the cost of the CDs or DVDs used. Shipping charges are
based on your zip code and will be charged in addition to the cost of your project.  Quantity rate savings are

Digital Albums make great gifts and keepsakes.

Do you have artwork, documents, photographs, or slides you would like to preserve and share with others?  By
digitally archiving your material it can be secured against the ravages of memory, nature, and time.   Computer
archives do not fade or rot and they can be copied over and over without losing image quality.  A Digital Album is a
great way to preserve and share your collection.

    Why you should create a Digital Album
  • Natural disasters and time can destroy your keepsakes.  In a disaster the thing people regret losing most is
    their photos.  

  • A digital family library can be one of the most cherished gifts you can pass on to the next generation.  It is an
    excellent way to remember your heritage and teach your children about their ancestry.  Everyone in the family
    can have a copy of your treasured family photos.

  • Boxes of those loose photos that never seem to get put into the album.

  • Moving, storage and weather deteriorate your family photos and documents.  

  • Bring to life old images and documents.

  • Share with your family and friends.  Print multiple copies from your digital images to share with family members.  
    Genealogists can share collections of historic family photos.

Now that digital photography is here to stay, how are you going to get those loose photos, documents and boxes of
albums digitized?  D & D Media Services is your answer.

Your documents/photos are professionally scanned on state of the art photo scanner and then stored on PC format
CD-R.  Images are stored as high quality .JPG files.   Premium CDs with jewel cases are used to ensure optimum data
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