We're on top of the latest technologies.  As a hobbyist turned professional in
videography, we have an expert eye for design and  use the most innovative
technologies to produce the highest quality, state of the art results.

All of our work is done in-house which means we are there every step of the way to
oversee and guarantee you get a quality product.
Video Montage

You can supply photographs, slides, negatives, digital photos, picture CD's, scanned
photos, video clips, VHS and audio clips.

Digital Photos:

There are 2 ways of supplying digital photos:

1) On paper or email write the photo name or number in the order you would like to
see the picture appear,  along with which group of pictures go with each of your
song choices (e.g. 001-024 with song “At Last” by Etta James.)

2) You can save each picture with a 3-digit number indicating the order that you
would like them to appear in the video (e.g. 001.jpg, 002.jpg). Place the photos that
will accompany each song in a separate folder.  Name each folder with the number
of the order in which you would like those photos to appear in your video,  followed
by the song title that will accompany them.

Photographs or slides:

If you have photographs or slides we can scan your photos for you using a
professional Heidelberg Topaz II scanner.

Place a numbered sticky note on the BACK of each picture or write the number very
lightly with a pencil.  Do not put sticky notes on the front of your photos.  Place the
photos that will go along with each song into separate envelopes.  I do not suggest
zip-lock bags because of humidity.

We will color correct and retouch every picture you send us, and at no additional
charge we will send you a photo CD of all your retouched and color corrected photos
no matter which format you use to send us your pictures.

Your original photos and/or digital media will be returned to you when your video
montage is shipped.

Tips on how to arrange your photos:

Here are some suggestions you may want consider in  arranging your video album:

You can arrange a time line from birth to bride or boy to man.   Create a section and
song for friends, one for family, before they met, vacations together, his family, her
family, hobbies, sports, pets, our children, grandchildren.

Try to choose photos that evoke various emotions.   Include photos that have close-
ups, action shots and of people that will be present at your occasion.

The Music:

The music you select will set the mood of your DVD Video Album. Using a
combination of both sentimental and upbeat songs will create a Video Album that
will inspire laughter and tears.  View our Song Suggestions Captions, Quotes &

Captions are a way to let your audience understand your photos.  Fewer words work
best unless you're using an important quote or poem.   At your request we will email
you some of our Suggested Quotes.   

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