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No other event in your life is more personal than your wedding! At D&D Media Services we treat
each couple to the most personalized video services possible. You will get the special treatment
you deserve as our experienced videographers record those special moments of your life! From
the smallest to the largest detail we will help put your mind at ease so you can fully enjoy your
wedding with the assurance and knowledge that everything is being captured by professionals
who want to make your wedding day a memorable one for you and yours.
General Information
    D & D Media Services offers the couple-to-be a full bouquet of options tailored to suit your personal style
    perfectly. Also, if you're looking for some extra blossoms to customize your package further, we offer an array
    of a la carte with a videographer that has been involved with planning your event from the beginning to the
    end. We restrict the amount of work we do to ensure the person you coordinate and make your plans with will
    be present at your event.

    All videos are captured by professional 3-chip, broadcast quality cameras
    and produced completely in Digital Video formats. We add graphics and
    titling to introduce and close your video.
    All DVD copies are produced with personalized covers and labeling.

    Deposits are required to reserve your booking date.

    Deposits are fully refundable for 15 days, after 15 days has passed only half the deposit will be refundable for
    up to 90 days before your event. Deposits are non-refundable if services are cancelled within 90 days before
    the scheduled event. If your event is rescheduled, the same rules will apply. If we are able to accommodate
    your new event date, we will not charge a second deposit fee for the new date. If we cannot accommodate your
    plan change, the deposit is still half refundable up until 90 days prior to the original scheduled event. The
    remaining balance is due no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.

    Advanced editing and titling of footage (Daisy, Rose and Orchid) include transitions between multiple cameras,
    credits listing all key family members and wedding party members. We also utilize slow motion and still shots
    to add an extra touch of excitement. More advanced transitions like "3-dimensional" sweeps and
    superimposing may be used for a more dramatic, eye-catching effect when it can be tastefully used.

    Basic editing and titling of footage (Carnation) includes date of event, Bride and Groom names, and location.
    Fades are applied between shots to make transitions seem more fluid and attractive.

    For packages including reception coverage, we are sure to cover key events like the Bridal party entrance,
    bridal and family dances, bouquet and garter tossing, cake cutting, toasts, and if possible, interviews with
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